Saturday, September 18, 2010


So I had hoped to a Certified Pet Dog Trainer by the end of the year but I cannot make any guarantees that it will be fulfilled by then. So my new goal for myself is to be Certified by next summer! Until then I will try my best to become certified quicker. This will make me feel more complete as a Dog Obedience trainer.

I have been looking into more seminars that I can attend to. The next seminar I want to go to is not until March of 2011 with Ian Dunbar, but there are not dates present yet. But that is definitely a must! I cannot miss out on a seminar with Ian Dunbar, I would be stupid not to attend. A couple months later in May is another seminar hosted by Ahimsa that would feature Emily Larlham. If I can afford to see that one as well I will go to that seminar too. As for now those are the only two seminars that I am aware that I want to go attend. I will keep posted if I find out about any others I plan to attend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Seminar

So over the weekend (September 11th and 12th) I attended a 2-day seminar in Seattle called Dog Aggression, Fear and Play. It was hosted by Ahimsa Dog training, where the founder and trainer Grisha Stewart spoke on the first day about BAT training (Behavioral Adjustment Training) with Aggression and Fear, and then on the second day, Patricia McConnell spoke about Dog Reactivity and Play. It was so much fun! So much learning I loved it. I got a rush from it all and couldn't wait to share my new knowledge and education with my friends and co-workers. So over the past couple of days I have just been talking to all of my friends and co-workers and have not had to the time to type it out, but here I am! The only way I can make myself better as a trainer is to attend more seminars and to continue to teach classes and to observe others. I also registered myself through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, so I am very happy about that. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and now I've (finally) went for it. The next seminar that I am set on attending will be in March, the exact dates are not posted yet, but it will be a 3 day seminar (friday, saturday and sunday) in Portland Oregon with Ian Dunbar! I can scream in excitement just thinking about it. Hopefully my friend and co-worker Kacee can attend the seminar with me. That would make the seminar 10x's more fun!
I will post again another night when I am not about to eat dinner.
Good Night All!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Only a few more days until the Dog Aggression, Fear and Play seminar!
I am so excited for this. I have my hotel room booked, and Apple and Gus are going to stay at my moms house with her and her Beagle Kola because only demo dogs are allowed at the seminar. This is only a 2 Day seminar but Patrica McConnell will be there, and Grisha Stewart. I can't wait!!! I will be sure to post pictures.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Rain

Of course on my day off, it rains.

Ended up not going to Seattle, unfortunately. But better planning next time, it should work out.

So then I had planned on taking Apple out for a walk and do a little one on one work with her since we have had little time together these past couple of weeks. I have been working so much lately I just felt bad. But it's raining so we didn't go out. Gus has been limping today so I am restricting his play time in order to make sure he does not injure himself anymore. Tomorrow he'll go to the vet for inspection. Keep your fingers crossed.

Since it is raining, I have decided to stay indoors and just cuddled with Apple while watching VH1. In-between commercial breaks I would do some target work with Apple to help stimulate her mind a little because rainy days are boring! Especially for Apple because she does not like the rain, she is such a diva.

Although I do have to leave later this evening to quickly do some things at work, before my class starts.

Hope it's not as gloomy for you all.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just for you

So I decided to start another Blog,
hopefully I will keep up on it like I intended with my last one!

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