Saturday, September 18, 2010


So I had hoped to a Certified Pet Dog Trainer by the end of the year but I cannot make any guarantees that it will be fulfilled by then. So my new goal for myself is to be Certified by next summer! Until then I will try my best to become certified quicker. This will make me feel more complete as a Dog Obedience trainer.

I have been looking into more seminars that I can attend to. The next seminar I want to go to is not until March of 2011 with Ian Dunbar, but there are not dates present yet. But that is definitely a must! I cannot miss out on a seminar with Ian Dunbar, I would be stupid not to attend. A couple months later in May is another seminar hosted by Ahimsa that would feature Emily Larlham. If I can afford to see that one as well I will go to that seminar too. As for now those are the only two seminars that I am aware that I want to go attend. I will keep posted if I find out about any others I plan to attend.


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